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I Made in the USA
Welcome to North American Signal

North American Signal manufacturers many different traffic signal products in Dublin Georgia. All of our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA. We don't import anything larger than a screw.  Our polycarbonate housings and visors are exclusively produced in North Carolina.  Our aluminium housings for signal heads and pedestrian heads are forged in Texas.  Backplates are produced in Virginia and Florida.  

NAS is a woman owned manufacturing facility and is located in a HUD zone.  We give back to the community and the community gives back to us.  Our business model isn't based solely on profit.  We work closely with Easter Seals for assembly, helping the disabled and disadvantaged find gainful employment; giving every person no matter their struggles the chance at an independent lifestyle.

God Bless the USA!
Made in the USA
Investment in our products help local communities.  Our company paradigm is to keep it local.  Even if it costs a more.
Our aluminium and polycarbonate traffic signals are interchangeable.  Allowing you to disassemble and recombine in many different styles to fit your needs.
The personal touch
When you call or email NAS, you are speaking to the owner.  No bureaucracies here.  
Customer satisfaction is paramount.  We keep good stock on all of our items and won't make promises we can't keep.
Tell us what you need
I Contact us and we will help you find it!
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