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I Made in the USA
12" Pedestrian Housings

(Click on image to right to download cutsheet)
 Available in Polycarbonate
 12" Peds utilize the same housing as our 12" traffic
signal heads and are interchangeable.
 Polycarbonate resin has a V-2 fire retardant rating, UV
stabilized, and permanently colored.
 Housings are produced with a 5 degree 72 tooth serrated
boss in the top and bottom with 1 ½” entrances.
 Each housing has provisions for 6 position and 8 position
terminal blocks.
 Doors are built with 2 integrated hinges and 2 latches. Eye
bolt ends are stamped to prevent wingnuts from falling off
during installation.
 No special tools needed to access cavity of assembled
 Standard colors are Federal Yellow, Black, and Cal trans
green. Other colors available upon request.
 Fits all standard 12” LED inserts.
 All internal and external hardware used is Stainless Steel.
 Every assembly is backed by a 1 year material warranty
from date of shipment.
 Weight: Polycarbonate— 7.6 Lbs.
 Exterior dimensions: Width 17 7/8” Height 16.18” Depth 7”
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